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Organization is the key to a successful sale!



* If you are selling things for family and friends use different colored markers or initials. This will make dividing up the profits easier. You will also need to record each sale utilizing a sales tracking sheet. This will help you keep track of who gets how much. I found it works well to use a tablet and make tabs on the ends with each person's name/initials.

* Mark your items clearly. Some customers might not ask the price and pass items by if they don't see one. Having prices on sale items will encourage impulse buying and a sales price answers questions your shoppers might have if you are busy.

* When setting prices, try to determine what you would pay at a rummage sale for the item in question and go from there.

* Keep a calculator on the checkout table so you can quickly total customer's purchases. It also makes it easier to add if all your items are priced in 25-cent increments.

* You will need change. As a general rule of thumb, $50 is usually a sufficient amount of cash on hand, as quarters and small bills. Never leave money in plain view.

* Don't keep too much money on hand. Take it inside the house and hide it in a safe place.


Setting Up:

* As you gather your merchandise, start thinking about how you are going to organize your garage sale or yard sale in an attractive and orderly manner. You will probably need tables, benches, boxes, blankets, clothes racks, etc. Think about the kinds of merchandise you will be offering and the best way to display them. If you don't have enough tables, an old door or board placed over sawhorses will do the trick. You can use boxes for books. Blankets spread out on the lawn are a good way to display children's toys and games.

* Make sure all your items are clean, free of stains, and in good working condition.

* Try to arrange items neatly and in categories. For example, put all dishes on one table, all holiday decorations on another, all clothing in another area, etc. Also make sure that there is enough room between tables for two people to easily pass each other. Otherwise you run the risk of people bumping into things or into each other.

* If you have any breakables, collectables, etc. be sure to display them on a sturdy table and out of reach of children.

* Drape sheets over items in your garage that are not for sale.

* Be sure to have an electrical outlet nearby to plug in electronics, lamps, etc. to show people that they do work. You can use an extension cord as well, just be sure it is out of the way to avoid anyone tripping.

* Have plenty of bags available for your customers and newspapers to wrap fragile items.

* If you live off the beaten path consider putting up signs pointing out your sale. Be sure to take the signs down at the end of the sale.

* As a courtesy to your customers, don't allow early sales. I've been to many a sale at the time they SAID they would open, only to find they opened early and the item I wanted was already gone.

* Don't allow people to come inside your home. Some customers may ask to use the bathroom, phone, or try on clothes. Be prepared for this, and be ready to tell them no and direct them to the nearest public restroom.

* During your sale, as things get sold, fill in the empty spots on your tables to keep things looking attractive.


After the Sale:

* Promptly take down all garage sale signs.

* If you have room, you can store leftover sale items for your next sale.

* Consider donating your leftovers to a local charity.


A few great tips how to make more at your garage sale.


I hope this is helpful and I wish everyone a fun and successful sale!!


Coordinator: Wendy Kessler - - (605) 582-3390

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